Wee Sweetie Purse Totes


We love the environment! Our planet is beautiful, and it's up to us to keep her that way. One way you can help is to say NO to plastic bags, and keep a reusable shopping bag in your purse, backpack, or pocket, for those occasions when you're out and about and need a bag! These cute totes are perfect for the unplanned shopping trip, and a must for every eco-friendly kiwi!

Product Details
Design:  Bunny, Cow, Dog, Duck, Kitty, Monkey, Panda, Penguin, Piglet, Teddy
Material: 190T Polyester. Made from recycled materials, and recyclable anywhere that will take soft plastics.
Unfolded Size: 37cm x 37cm usable space, excluding handles.
Folded Size: Variable

There is some variety in the final designs depending on what the manufacturer, which I have zero control over. For example, Teddy is currently available in either brown or green.

The green frog in the main picture is no longer available due to quality control issues (i.e. their eyes kept falling off and I'm sick of gluing them back on!)