The Bonnit Rain Bonnets

Pack Size

You just spent an hour at home getting ready for date night, or handed over half your paycheck to your hairstylist only to be welcomed by a torrential downpour on the way to your car. Fret no more. Say goodbye to out-of-control umbrellas and borrowed plastic bags. The Bonnit will keep you looking fab even when the weather isn't.

Made in Canada by hairstylist turned stay-at-home mom, Marylou, The Bonnit channels the style and sophistication of yesteryear into a very practical product for today's modern woman. Each Bonnit is reusable, washable, and comes in a specially-made waterproof pouch perfect for slipping into your handbag.

The prints are:

  • Ohh Shelly (Peacock Feather)
  • The Solanah (Stars)
  • The Sylvie (Leopard Print)


Packs contain one patterned Bonnit in a pouch. Sorry, Double Packs are no longer available.

Cheeky Kea is the FIRST OFFICIAL RETAILER of The Bonnit in New Zealand. Stocks are limited, so grab yours today!