The Sylvan Stone Brooch - Translucent Blue Trillium

Brooches are coming back into style with a vengeance!  Pin your scarf in style, or just add a pop of colour to an otherwise boring blouse! 

The individual petals can be a little loose, but that is to be expected as the brooch was hand-made using delicate copper threads to hold the stone petals to the brooch. Don't worry, they're very secure! 

Product Details
Colours: Blue
Dimensions: 58mm x 32mm
Materials: Carved crystal & gold-plated copper thread.
Gift Box: Included.


IMPORTANT NOTE: There may be some variation between the colours shown on the screen and the colour of the actual product. I have done my best to colour match the products to my screen, but everyone's screen is a little bit different so they may not look the same on your screen as they do on mine.