Snuggle Weather Over-Knee Leg Warmers

Hot Chocolate

Keep warm in style this winter with a pair of Snuggle Weather Over Knee Knit Leg Warmers! These babies are super stretchy, and will fit a surprisingly large range of legs. Plus, they're super versatile!  Wear them pulled up, scrunch them down over your boots - you could even wear them as arm warmers if you really wanted to.  Plus, just look at those adorable pompoms!

Product Details
Size:  One size fits most. Stretches to about 60cm at the absolute widest point, but will fit best if your leg is around 40cm at the widest part.
Fabric: 30% Wool, 45% Acrylic, 25% Spandex.
Length: 64cm

Please allow some variation in the exact colour due to manufacturing techniques and the limitations of online photography. This is especially true with both shades of grey, which have a hint of brown to them. The greys are kind of like what happens when you dye your hair silver - there's still that subtle hint of your natural colour that shows through. I've attempted to match the colours of the pictures as exactly as possible, but there's always going to be a margin of error due to differences in screen brighteness and such.

These are legwarmers, not socks. They don't have feet.