Modesty Sleeves


Need something to tuck under your blouse to make it appropriately modest, or to keep your arms warm in winter? These handy modesty sleeves are perfect for a variety of needs, and perfectly match with the Modesty Bonnets and Modesty Sleeves.

Product Details
Size:  One Size Fits Most
Dimensions: 46-48cm long, 24-40cm around the upper arm, 18-28cm around the wrist.
Fabric: Light-weight stretch cotton modal blend.
Note: While these do arrive new from the manufacturer, I open each one and check the quality of the stitching and fabric before I send it. However, this does sometimes mean it may not be quite as neatly folded when I put it back in the packaging.
Colours: I currently only have black in stock, but if you would like other colours, please feel free to email me.