Mnemosyne Twist Floating Locket

Need to keep that special memento close to your heart, but worried that a regular locket might pop open and lose your treasure forever?  Well, worry no more with the Mnemosyne Twist Floating Locket!  These floating lockets are made from robust stainless steel and reinforced glass, and feature a screw-on lid that makes them about as waterproof as any locket could possibly be. 

Whether it's a photograph, a lock of hair, or a pinch of ashes from a loved one no longer with us, this beautiful locket is both strong as steel and elegant in its simplicity. 

See the locket in action below: 

Product Details
Material:  Stainless Steel & Shatter-Resistant Reinforced Glass.
Chain Length: 65cm (25.59") steel link chain with lobster clasp included. 
Pendant Size: 30mm (1.18") round, 6.65mm (0.25") thick.
Gift Box: Included.
Charms: The charms shown in the photo and video are just an example of what you could do with the locket if you so desired. No charms or beads come included with the locket. 

I ran some intensive endurance tests on this locket and was unable to crack it, break the chain, or make it leak, but I wouldn't feel comfortable saying that it's unbreakable and completely waterproof. If you want to put something truly irreplaceable in it, like a loved one's ashes, I strongly recommend taking appropriate safety measures, such as gluing the locket closed permanently. If you'd like me to include a tube of E6000 craft glue so you can do just that, please let me know.   

Of course, there is always the possibility that you might lose the locket if you wear it a lot, so I also strongly recommend keeping some spare in a safe place, just in case you ever need to replace it. You can never be too careful, right? 


You may notice in the video that there are a few other colours and sizes available, as well as a version encrusted with gemstones. I don't currently have any of those in stock, but I would be happy to get them if you're interested. Contact me, let's have a chat!  


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