Genevieve Choker (4 Colours)


Add a flash of colour to any outfit without spending a fortune with these cute lace and ribbon chokers. Available in red, green, blue, or purple. Chain is adjustable length, fits a 31-38cm neck. I can manually add some extra length if you need me to - just let me know!

Contains zinc-alloy. Please be careful if you're sensitive to mixed metals.

These are constructed of very soft lace and metal, so they're very delicate. Please handle with care, or they may not last very long

Now with a free gift to help you truly make your necklace unique!  Please see below for more information.  

About Your Free Gift

My favourite part about these chokers is that they're kind of like a fun little DIY project. I love crafts! So, to lean into that, I've decided to throw in a 5ml tube of my favourite super-strong craft glue, E6000, so that you can finalise your project or fix it if it breaks!

IMPORTANT: E6000 IS TOXIC! Do not inhale the fumes, and don't let it touch your skin. Use in a well-ventilated area, and use gloves if you can. If you can't, then make sure you wash your hands thoroughly if any touches your skin. 

If you DO NOT want the glue for any reason, please let me know.